Hi.  My name is Kaye McLaren. I’m proud to have transformed chronic, life-threatening depression into stable, ongoing happiness, despite some challenging life circumstances, including chronic illness.

I’m also proud to live in nuclear free New Zealand/Aotearoa, home of Hobbiton (if not actual hobbits!), Peter Jackson and a host of other talented individuals.

I am currently working on a book about how to quickly lift mood and transform depression into happiness longer term.  This is based on my own experiences as well as a comprehensive review of research.  Don’t ask me  how long I’ve been working on it – I’m too embarrassed to say!

My professional background includes a decade as a policy advisor and another eight years as contract researcher in central Government and for nonprofit organizations. If you google my name you will see some of the research papers I’ve written.

I have also volunteered in the community from my late teens onwards, doing such things as psychiatric hospital visiting, prison visiting, running groups in the rainbow community, and working for a battered women’s shelter.

I am a keen twitterer (tweeter?) – you can find me @kayemclaren2

On the basis of my personal experience I am a passionate advocate for the rights of people with experience of mental illness, including the right to accurate information and the right to effective treatment.

In the blog on my ‘Home’ page I share my  knowledge of effective techniques to lift mood and achieve happiness.  This is based on a thorough reading of research as well as my own experience.  I give practical tips as well as talking about my personal story of recovery.

I also plan to write about my  views on how mental health services and research need to change.  Like most of us, I’m not short on opinions!  If only they could be accepted as legal tender. Then I’d be a wealthy woman.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Kaye, This is Lacey from twitter.
    I want to read more. Please don’t let it be on facebook. I won’t go there since I got stalked by a murder.

    It is awesome that you care about helping chronic depression. I really like you offering hope.


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